About Dr. Melissa Hershberg, MD

U Health Clinic

Dr.Melissa Hershberg, MD is a medical physician, best-selling author, and weight loss consultant actively practicing in Toronto, Canada. She has enjoyed practicing in both executive health care and urgent health care facilities over the years, and it is this combined medical experience coupled with her extensive knowledge in fitness and nutrition that ultimately led her to found U Health Clinic™. At U Health Clinic™, Dr.Hershberg offers a unique program that allows her to combine her interests thus providing patients with quality day to day care while simultaneously inspiring, supporting, and counseling them to make positive lifestyle changes overtime. It is this integrative approach that Dr.Hershberg believes will significantly impact quality of life and longevity.

Dr. Hershberg's interest in science, health and weight-management are longstanding. By the completion of her medical residency, Dr.Hershberg discovered an innovative and thought provoking approach to teaching patients how to eat for weight loss and health; an approach specifically designed to help patients lose weight quickly while lowering their blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. She then transformed this approach into her bestselling book: The Hershberg Diet: Discover How The 4th Macro Will Help You Shed Pounds and Beat The Metabolic Syndrome. The hardcover hit bookshelves across Canada in March 2007, and was subsequently released in the U.S and U.K. to very positive reviews. The book was re-released in paperback across Canada in December 2008.

Dr.Hershberg’s second book, The Rebel Diet: Break the Rules, Lose the Weight, was released in 2010 as a follow up to her first book. The book was written with a friendly, light-hearted tone reflective of her laid back style and relatable personality, and it has been entertaining readers since, helping them keep a smile on their face while making serious lifestyle changes. In keeping with reader requests, the book is user-friendly and practical with many product, grocery, and recipe suggestions.

As a former national gymnast and competitive fitness champion, Dr.Hershberg knows firsthand the benefits and importance of regular exercise for the prevention of disease and promotion of optimal health - sleep, mood, weight loss, and energy. She prides herself on keeping abreast of the latest fitness trends and is currently working on the formulation of a new fitness movement – KAMA Movement - that combines Yoga, Pilates, and dance.

Dr. Hershberg's experiences in competitive athletics coupled with her training in science and medicine have afforded her with a unique and highly respected knowledge base. She is a freelance writer having contributed medical consultation and health and wellness articles to many well-known publications across North America such as Chatelaine, Flare, and Glow. She is a dynamic public speaker and regular correspondent for CTV Newsnet. Through her books, medical practice, articles and speaking, she has helped thousands of people make positive lifestyle changes.